Railways see surge in ticket cancellation in Ferozepur Division

Railways see surge in ticket cancellation in Ferozepur Division

Ferozepur, March 17, 2020: The Railways have been seeing a surge in cancellation of tickets, in Ferozepur division, in the first 16 days of March,2020 as compared to last year as per the system.

As per the data made available by the railways, on 16 March, 3,23,225 passengers got cancelled their tickets as compared to 1,90,852 passengers during the last year.  There has been refund of Rs.20,79,71,634 crore against Rs.12,45,60,398 during the last year.

Though nothing is indicated the data made available yet it is oblivious that it isdue to increase in the case of novel coronavirus infection in the country.

The cancellation has been on increasing trend starting from 8347 passengers on March 1, to 41,223 on March 16

There is also a 69.36% passenger and 66.96% earning percentage variation with last year.

From the statistics made available, the cancellation rate is too alarming but if the trend continues, steps would need to be taken to ensure that trains don’t run empty.

DRM in his press conference on Monday said that railways have stepped up its cleaning and disinfection efforts on trains, with special focus on frequent wiping and cleaning of all passengers interface areas in coaches such as door handles, wash basins etc besides taking various other preventive measures.

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