‘Lohri Dhiyan Di’celebrated at Health Wellness Centre, Bare Ke

‘Lohri Dhiyan Di’celebrated at Health Wellness Centre, Bare Ke

Ferozepur, January 16, 2020:  Under directions of Health Department, Punjab, Lohri Dhiyan Di was celebrated at Health Welness Centre Bareke under the tutelage of Dr.Rajinder  Manchanda, Medical Officer, Ferozepur, under CHC Mamdot.

In this festival celebrations, the new-born girl babies, mothers and all immunized girls were honoured.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Manchanda said, the society should treat the girls and boys equally for all purposes and condemn those who go in for sex determination tests.  The girls are not less than  boys now in any field and holding the prestigious posts.  Only need of the hour is to change our mind-set, which is our driving force.

He said, the cooperation of people in the society must come forward to shun the menace of social evils like treating the girls as burden, to maintain the natural balance of gender ratio graph.

Present among others were Abhayjeet Singh, MO, Dr.Rekha , MO. Dr.Shivlakshna Shorey, CHO, Anju Setia MPHW Gurpeet Singh MPGW and Asha Workers and Anganwadi Workers and Sarpanch of the village.

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