GM N.Rly. expressed satisfaction over development works in Ferozepur Division, appreciated efforts of DRM

Punjab’s three rail projects in limbo, railways blame state for not providing land

Pending Rail Links in Punjab : Ferozepur-Patti, Anandpur Sahib-Mukerian and Rajpura-Mohali

GM expressed satisfaction over development works, appreciated efforts of DRM

Punjab’s three rail projects in limbo, railways blame state for not providing land

Ferozepur, December 7, 2019: All the three rail projects in Punjab that aims to connect Ferozepur-Patti, Anandpur Sahib-Mukerian and Rajpura-Mohali could not be matured due to non-providing of land by the state government.

Speaking to media persons late night at railway hospital, General Manager, Northern Railway, T.P.Singh during his inspection visit to Ferozepur Rail Division said, the railway is ready to connect with rail on Ferozepur-Patti route but state government is showing any interest for providing the land required for laying the tracks.  It could be measures from the fact that sometime back, the railway has decided to give funds for the purchase of land but now railway has decided to bear the fifty percent of the cost of land.

Added here, the Ferozepur-Patti rai track when constructed will connect two important regions of the state – Malwa and Majha.  It will reduce the distance between Ferozepur and Amritsar from 118 km to 86 km.  Besides, the distance between Amritsar and Mumbai will be shorten by 240 km.  Earlier, in 2013, the then Railway Minister, Pawan Kmar Bansal had given a green signal to this project but it has been hanging in fire.  This rail link is vital to join the border districts of Ferozepur and Amritsar besides connecting them to Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat to boost their economy.

He said, similarly for the other two projects of Anandpur Sahib-Mukerian and Rajpura-Mohali rail links, land is required but has not been provided so far.

He said, in case the Ferozepur-Amritsar rail link is completed, the railway will have handsome income and this Ferozepur Division will become the riches division of Northern Railway.   He said, it could only be possible if the Punjab government cooperate with the railways.

So far we are waiting a line in reply from the Punjab government over handing over and to the railways, said TP Singh.

General Manager, TP Singh however, expressed satisfaction over the development works going on in the division and appreciated the efforts of DRM Rajesh Aggarwal.


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