C-PYTE trained 262 youths aspirant to join Army

C-PYTE imparted free training to 262 youths aspirant to join Army

Ferozepur, January 5, 2020:  As many as 262 youths have been trained by imparting training free of cost, to enable misguided youths affected by drug addiction and alcoholism to use their energy into useful activities by getting  entry in the Army.

C-PYTE- Centre for Training and Employment of Punjab Youth – Hakumat Singh Wala near Ferozepur is determined to bring the wayward youths back Centre for Training and Employment of Punjab Youth on track by extending the training to join the army and

During the training session, Major General Rjiv Edward under whose tutelage the training centre is working had  said the institute is doing a great service to bring the wayward mistaken youth back on track and since raising C-PYTE has facilitated employment of over one lac youth of Punjab.

Major Amarjit Singh, Incharge C-PYTE said, in all 364 youths joined the training session at Hakumat Singh Wala started during August 2015, situated on Ferozepur-Zira road, 22 KMs from Ferozepur and 262 have passed in the result declared in December 2019 to join the Army.

He said, the centre of excellence of training of C-PYTE lies with the group of camps at 13 locations in the state like – Theh Kanjla in Kapurthala, Faridkot, Ludiana, Nabha, Lalru, Ferozepur and Girls Campus at Mansa and Kairon which are primarily geared to train the youth of Punjab. The scheme was launched in 1990 inspires and encourages the youth to upgrade their skills in various occupations and join the national mainstream.

He further said, at C-PYTE Centre Hakumat Singh Wala, started on August 2015, 56 youths in 2015-16 batch, 179 youths in 2016-17 and 223 youths in 2017-18 have joined the armed forces.  During 2017-18, 191  youths appeared and 125 qualified, in 2018-19, 291 youths joined the institute and 180 qualified to join the services.




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