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Border area students become Ambassador of Hope through song amidst fear of Corona

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Border area students become Ambassador of Hope through song amidst fear of Corona

Border area students become Ambassador of Hope through song amidst fear of Corona

Ferozepur, May 7, 2020 (Harish Monga):  Two students – Harpreet of 10th and Kajal of 7th class – of Government Sr. Sec. School Gatti Rajo Ke situated near the Indo-Pak border, shared their talent of writing and singing to give hope and solace to a corona ravaged world that is battling fear and anxiety. Their aim is to send out a positive message to the people, through their songs which work as a potent relaxant especially for those who are on panic-mode.

While Harpreet’s song is of 3.3 min – Hum safe rahe ge, hum ghar par rahen ge, is tarah hum corona se laden ge and of Pooja Rani’s poem of 2.51 min –  Bhawikh Di Umeed

Dr.Satinder Singh Principal – a force behind this talent – said, the aim of the students is to offer consolation to so many people out there who are anxious about the pandemic.  They hoped that their song would foster a sense of human connection.  Seeing the talent of the students, we are planning for the proper recording of their songs with musicians to give a boost to their talent.

The students have focused on the words to build a sense of togetherness in these strange times. Even though the world is locked down and scary for the moment, the storm is not forever and looked to be passing cloud, said Dr.Satinder Singh.

He said, the students have also proved through their talent that the people of the remote areas are not backward but it is your thoughts that make you backward.

Pooja Rani has written more than 50 poems on social issues and honoured by All India Radio- AIR Jalandhar and three times the district administration.  Harpreet too had penned around 30 songs on religious and social topics and also honoured by the AIR.

When talked to Harpreet and Kajal about publishing of news about their talent, they excitedly said, the idea of penning down of new songs on Corona was spontaneous when the news of the pandemic started breaking on the television and there were uncertainties about the survival of humanity on this planet earth.  We wrote and rewrote the drafts of the song until the emotional song was born.

They had made an appeal to the people to understand the grimness of the current situation and adopt the preventive measures to break the chain of further spread of coronavirus.

They said, we don’t have much facility and knowledge of musical instruments but we have learned this art by watching the art and feel pleasure to sing without musical instruments except sometimes beating on the table. We thought of recording the song and sharing it with the people on social media.

The students also asked everybody to remain thankful to the Corona Warriors who are working by risking their lives for us to live.

Students can be reached by clicking on the links :





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