Golden Arrow Division celebrates 54th Barki Day

Posted by HARISH MONGA about 10-Sep-2019 in NEWS

Golden Arrow Division celebrates 54th  Barki Day

Barki Brigade lays wreath at ‘Barki War Memorial’

Golden Arrow Division celebrates 54th Barki Day

Ferozepur, September 10, 2019: Golden Arrow Division celebrated 54th Anniversary of the ‘Barki Day’ on 10 Sep 2019. This day marks the victory of Barki Brigade, during the Indo-Pak War of 1965, which led to the capture of Barki Town, the gateway to Lahore.  This illustrious history, enabled the brigade, to earn the name, ‘THE BARKI BRIGADE’.

Deputy Commander, the Barki Brigade laid the wreath at the ‘Barki War Memorial’ on this occasion.  He highlighted the courage and the saga of bravery of the gallant soldiers, in achieving this major military victory over Pakistan, which turned the tide in India’s favour, during the War. The General Officer exhorted all ranks to re-dedicate themselves to the service of the nation and emulate our war veterans, who brought glory to the nation, and the Indian Army, and making the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty, whenever the combat so demanded.

A large number of Officers, JCOs and Jawans of Ferozepur Garrison participated in the event, and paid homage to the martyrs of the Battle of Barki.