Farmers Outfits put forth various demands before Chairman, Powercom

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Farmers Outfits put forth various demands before Chairman, Powercom

Farmers Outfits put forth various demands before Chairman, Powercom

Ferozepur, August 10, 2019: Farmers outfits under the banner of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee put forth its various demands relating to power supply, before Baldev Singh Sran, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Powercom over a meeting at Patiala, which last for about three hours.

In the meeting, Powercom Commercial Director, OP Garg, Administrative Director, C.Panday, Commercial Chief Sanjeev Kumar, North Border zone Chief and Deputy Chief Engineer, Ramesh Sarangal were present.

Among the various demands, the major demands include – domestic power supply rate of Rs.1 per unit, scrapping of 25 years old anti-Punjab agreements with the companies, filling up of vacant posts through direct recruitment and putting a strong hand on the corruption in the department.

Chairman, Baldev Singh Sran said, all the major demands will be taken up with the Punjab and Centre government.

Regarding filling up of vacant posts, shortly we are recruiting 5200 employees besides filling up the vacant posts said, Sran. He also said, the fee for enhancing the agriculture motor load is being reduced from Rs.5000 to Rs.2500 and for domestic loads, the fee will be 50 per cent of the existing charges for which the permission from the Regulatory Commission will be received.

Touching the corruption in the Powercom, the Chairman has also ordered,  to display the numbers on the notice boards to file a direct complaint to the Chairman for taking action swiftly.  Besides, the orders - for minimum fine in theft cases, for putting the wire up to the residence for domestic connections, free to shift the bore by the farmers from one place to another point in their farms, making no recovery of Rs.137 crore from the laborers and issuing the fresh bills without any arrears – have also been issued.

Meanwhile, the farmer leaders warned the Powercom authorities for intensify the agitation in case the agreed demands are not implemented.