Red Cross organizes ‘Identification Camps’ for  persons with special needs

Posted by HARISH MONGA about 09-Feb-2019 in NEWS

Red Cross organizes ‘Identification Camps’ for  persons with special needs

Ferozepur, January 30, 2019:  Red Cross Ferozepur today organized ‘Identification Camp’ for persons with special needs at Ferozepur, Guruharsahai and Zira to provide them with the required equipment.

Additional General Manager, Indian General Insurance Corporation Namdeo Qadam, SDM Zira Narinder Singh Dhaliwal were specially present during these camps.

Divulging with the details, Ashok Behal, Secretary Red Cross said, the first camp was held on January 28, at Civil Hospital Firozpur to identify the persons with special needs. A total of 123 such persons were identified in this camp, who would be provided with the equipment. Out of these, 46 Tricycles, 13 wheelchairs, 36 hearing aid machines, 20 crutches,  6 smartphones, 10 smart canes, 9 daisy players, 7 walking sticks, 2 walkers, 2 CP chairs and 18 artificial organs.

He said that similarly the second camp was held at Civil Hospital, GuruHarsahai. A total of 96 persons were identified in this cap. These persons were identified as 34 Tricycle, 19 Wheel Chairs, 19 hearing aid machines, 14 crutches, 3 Smart Phones, 15 Smart Canes, 5 Daisy Player and 14 artificial limbs.

Likewise, the third camp was held at Zira on January 30 in which the identification of persons was made, in need of  32 tricycles, 12 wheelchairs, 20 hearing aid machines, 14 crutches, 31 smartphones, 36 smart canes, 3 daisy players, 1 walker and 14 artificial limbs, he said.

Ashok Behal said that the health department has been helpful in organizing these camps. He said that the identified persons will be provided with equipment soon.