An ancient Jain Swetambara temple with ancient icons and wall paintings is located in Zira. The idols there are claimed to be more than 1200 years old. In 1896, A.D Vijayanand Surishwar ji Maharaj, who was also a scholar poet and social reformer of his time, performed the holy ‘partishthan’ ceremony at this temple.

It is said that the temple is named after the 23rd Tirthankra Shri Parsavnathji Maharaj. The main idol is believed to be one of most sacred and ancient idols found anywhere.

This temple underwent a total renovation process in 2006 and was reopened by huge anniversary ceremony in 108th year of its existence by the holy Jain saint Shri Nityanand surishwar ji Maharaj and was attended by a large number of people related with Zira from all sects. This place is symbol secularism of this great town Zira. About 5 km from Zira on the NH-15 is the village of Lehra rohi Gillan. It is a birthplace of the Jain Saint Shri Atmanand Surishwar ji Maharaj popularly known as Vijayanand ji Maharaj. He was the first saint for Murtipujak sect in the swetambar Jain.

Interestingly, all the Jain preceptors and Acharyas (teachers) were recluses and did not have a family or maintain a place of their own. To the native villagers here, it feels like any Temple or Gurudwara for worshipping everyday. The visits made by people from all backgrounds and faiths, makes it a place where devotees learn the first lesson of communal harmony every morning. This place is planned to be constructed as a big tirath sthal(holy place) for the jains.

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