Anglo-Sikh War Memorial is a three storied impressive building Raised over a podium at the banks of Rajasthan Canals and Sirhind Feeder which is on the GT Road of Ferozepur. It was designed by Mr. H.S. Chopra who was the senior Architect of Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana. Punjab Government set this Memorial under the guidance of Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Ferozeshah Memorial Committee at that time, Dr. MS Randhawa.


The history of Anglo-Sikh War Memorial starts from 1845. The Sikh and British troops first fought at Mudki in December 1845. Even the enemies appreciated the courage and regulation of Sikhs during their first struggle. In the same month, both armies had a second encounter at Ferozeshah. The British army was fighting under authority of their commander-in-chief Sir Charles Gaugh. In this battle as well, the British continued to receive serious losses that it created a furor in England.

As many as 748 British soldiers were killed in this war out of which 54 were officers and the remaining were soldiers. About 1625 people were injured at Ferozeshah. The battle of Ferozeshah was supervised by Lord Harding’s Governor General. In February of 1846 the third encounter took place at Sabhraon and on January 13th 1849, the last encounter was fought at Chellianwala. The final victory of the British was not because of their dominance over the Sikh army but it was because of the weak heartedness of S Tej Singh and lack of ability of Lal Singh who were the Sikh Generals. This was mentioned in a journal by British Commander in Chief Lord Gaugh, who had supervised these battles. The policy prohibited him from recording his individual emotions towards the impressive courage of the fallen enemy.


A hall on the ground floor of the Anglo-Sikh War Memorial building displays armaments that take you to the time of the Anglo Sikh War. Quotation marks are emblazoned in Bronze from wars of Shah Mohammad and Cunningham’s olden times of the Sikhs. Punjab Government donated these weapons from the Museum at Patiala to this memorial. The hall contains four paintings portraying the four battles of Chellianwala, Mudki, Ferozeshah and Sabhraon. These precious paintings are prepared by renowned artist Mr. Kirpal Singh.

Anglo-Sikh War Memorial is located in Village Ferozeshah on Ferozepur – Moga Road in Ferozepur District

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