Don’t temper with religious places of historic importance: Dalit Community

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Don’t temper with religious places of historic importance: Dalit Community

Don’t temper with religious places of historic importance: Dalit Community

Bandh in Ferozepur against demolition of Ravidas temple in Delhi

Ferozepur, August 13, 2019:  Today, on a Bandh call, the Bahujan Samaj and various other outfits joined the protest against the deomolition of Shri Guru Ravidass Mandi at Tughlakabad in Delhi on August 9 on the orders of Supreme Court. There had been continued protests in the state at several places in Punjab amid reports of temple’s demolition.

It was a complete bandh in the city and remained a frustrating for commuters, businessmen especially the daily bread earners.

Elaborate security arrangements were made by the police to avoid any untoward incident in the city.

According to the legends the sacred place on which the temple was built was visited by Guru Ravidas around 1509 during the reign of Sikander Lodhi.

For the demolition, the Delhi Development Authority in its statement has stated that the standing permanent structure was dismantled peacefully without any resistance or use of force in the presence of Guru Ravi Das Jayanti Samaroh Samiti members. The apex court in a case titled 'Guru Ravi Das Jayanti Samaroh Samiti vs Union of India', had on August 9 observed that "serious breach" has been committed by the Guru Ravi Das Jayanti Samaroh Samiti by not vacating the forest area as earlier ordered by the court.

The demolition of the temple could trigger serious unrest among the community members but the protesters assured the peaceful protest to express their resentment over demolition of temple which has hurt the sentiments of the community.  They said, the agitation will continue till the reconstruction of the historic temple.

There are protests across the country against the demolition of Sant Ravidas temple in Tughlakabad. The DDA demolished the temple and also took away the idol, said Rajindra Pal Gautam, AAP Minister.

Punjab Chief Minister has also sought Prime Minister’s intervention to pacify the community leaders.

Local NGO, Diwan Chand said that when the issue of Ram Janam Bhumi is already going on for generations and any proceedings in this case could have been handled with utmost caution. Religious places and monuments of historic importance should not be tempered with.

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