Independence Day function in Ferozepur to showcase, patriotic fervor, nationalism and cultural heritage of Punjab

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Independence Day function in Ferozepur to showcase, patriotic fervor, nationalism and cultural heritage of Punjab

Independence Day function in Ferozepur to showcase, patriotic fervor, nationalism and cultural heritage of Punjab

Ferozepur, August 13, 2019: Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur, Mr. Chander Gaind today said that the upcoming Independence Day function in the city on August 15 would aptly showcase patriotic fervor, nationalism and cultural heritage of the state besides pro-people schemes of the state government.


In a first of its kind, a special tableau on the depleting water level and water conservation will be carried out during Independence Day parade, said the deputy commissioner, adding he said that this tableau will be dedicated to mission Jal Shakti besides showcasing the efforts being made by the district administration to combat the water crisis.


Divulging further on the sidelines of the full dress rehearsal for the mega event here today at the local Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium, the Deputy Commissioner said that the preparations for this gala event was going on in full swing and every effort would be made to make sure that auspicious day was celebrated with full patriotic and nationalistic fervor. He said that dazzling performances dipped in patriotic fervor by students from various educational institutions would be once again the hallmark of the Independence Day celebrations in the city. 


Mr. Gaind further said that the mega event would be celebrated in the district in an unsurpassed manner. He said that the tableaus highlighting pro-people scheme of the state government will add another feather in the cap and asked the department heads to oversee the preparation of these tableaus carefully as any kind of callousness in unwarranted in this task and the strict action will be taken against the negligent attitude. The deputy commissioner further directed the officers of sewerage board and municipal council to remain present in the stadium until rainwater is drained out of the stadium.


 Mr. Gaind said that the Ferozepur district would once again uphold the glorious tradition of organizing the best function to commemorate this auspicious day. The cabinet minister (Revenue Department) Mr. Gurpreet Singh Kangar will be the Chief Guest of this mega event and will felicitate the various personalities of Ferozepur on the eve of Independence Day.


On the occasion Assistant Commissioner Ranjit Singh, SDM Amit Gupta, Secretary Red Cross Society Ashoke Behal, Principal government school Gatti Rajoke Dr. Satinder Singh and others were Present.


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