National Lok Adalat on July 13

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National Lok Adalat on July 13

National Lok Adalat on July 13

Cases are amicably settled in Lok Adalats : Prminderpal Singh

Bar is 5th pillar of democracy

Ferozepur, July 9, 2019:  Under directions of Punjab Legal Services Authority – PLSA, the National Lok Adalat will be organized on July 13, in which all types of cases will be amicably settled.

Giving this information to the media persons, Parminderpal Singh, District and Sessions Judge-cum-Chairman, Distric Legal Services Authority said, in all 18 benches will be set up in the courts of Ferozepur District at sub-division level in which in all, 2706 cases will be kept for amicable settlement.

Amanpreet Singh, Secretary, DLSA was also present on this occasion.

He said, in the National Lok Adalat all types of cases – Section 138, Bank recovery, labour disputes, electricity and water bill disputes and cases likely to be amicably settled, marital dispute cases, land acquisition caes, salary, allowance and retirement benefits cases etc. will be considered for final settlement harmoniously.

He further informed that in these Lok Adalats, the cases which have not been filed in the courts will be considered and these cases will be decided on mutual understanding at pre-litigation stage.   He said, the significance of cases settled in the Lok Adalats is that there is no appeal against the final settlement and the decision is as good as decree and the entire fee is returned. However, writ can be filed.

He made an appeal to the people whose cases are pending in the various courts to get it decided amicably by giving an application for transferring to Lok Adalat as with these arrangements both the parties are free from further litigation besides getting a relief from mental problems besides saving time and money and harmony is maintained.

Further sharing about the plus points, District and Sessions Judge said, the delay is also condoned in the Lok Adalat if the dispute is settled amicably.

He said, if Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, I feel the Bar is the 5th pillar.

He said, the Bar Association is extending full cooperation in making success. The advocate and client bonding plays a vital role in settling the cases in the Lok Adalat as the advocates send their clients duly prepared for amicably settling their cases.

He also solicited cooperation from the media to positively paint the image of Lok Adalats, to create confidence among the people of Punjab, who are little adamant nature, by popularizing the Lok Adalats in the media as 80 per cent people read the newspaper while they may not read the banners put up by the road side.

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