United Sikh Movement accuses Badals for sacrilege cases in Punjab, appeals to oust them in LS Polls

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United Sikh Movement accuses Badals for sacrilege cases in Punjab, appeals to oust them in LS Polls

United Sikh Movement accuses Badals for sacrilege cases in Punjab, appeals to oust them in LS Polls

Ferozepur, May 13, 2019 :  United Sikh Movement led by Dr.Bhagwan Singh Chairman, Capt Chanan Singh Sidhu, Secretary General, Gurnam Singh Sidhu, Vice Chairman and Harpreet Singh Press  today accuses Senior and Junior Badals responsible for sacrilege cases in Punjab and appealed to the voters to show outdoor during the Lok Sabha elections by not voting them on May 19.

Speaking to the media persons at a press conference held at Press Club, Ferozepur today, Capt Chahan Singh said, it is very unfortunate that Badals failed to register a case and we have to suffer irrespective of cast and creed on the agenda of one man.

The incidents like sacrilege don’t happen but made to occur intentionally.   From the disrespect incident of 2015 it looks a mockery when Dera Sachha Sauda head was given apology for appearing dressed like Guru Gobind Singh without asking for the same to get votes.

He said  the incidents of sacrilege – which I term as a murder of our Guru – have not been stopped which started in 1978 of Nirankari incident and the cases are being registered against the unidentified persons.  He said, the murder of our Guru Granth Sahib – Living Guru – must be investigated first followed by the killing of persons. 

Sidhu said, after the defeat of two MP seats – Bathinda from where Harsimrat Badal is contesting  and Sukhbir Badal from Ferozepur – new leadership will come up and there will be drastic changes in the working.

Condemning the Bargari Morcha  by Dhyan Singh Mand, he admitted, we are lacking in leadership but as of today, the votes are the real judge and the job card of Badals for the last four decades is before you, who is misguiding in the name of Path.  Now the entire Sikh Panth is watching and you have to do justice for sacrilege by not voting them.


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