DC proved himself as Public DC by donating blood

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DC proved himself as Public DC by donating blood

DC proved himself as Public DC by donating blood

I am pleased to donate blood on National Red Cross Day: Gaind DC Ferozepur

Ferozepur May 8, 2019: Deputy Commissioner, Ferozepur Chander Gaind once again proved himself as Public DC by donating blood on the National Blood Donation Day organized by District Red Cross Society at Civil Hospital today.

I am pleased that today I myself got opportunity to donate blood. He said, every healthy person should donate blood voluntarily as the blood donated can give a new life to someone.  He also motivated the doctors, nurses and staff to also come forward to donate blood, said Chander Gaind.

Earlier also, Deputy Commissioner has travelled in the general compartment of train on Martyrdom Day-23 March and meeting the Safai Karamcharis at the public park.  It is seen that Chander Gaind Deputy Commissioner is always keen to listen to the problems of general public on priority and sort out any grievances instantly.

Later, Deputy Commissioner, attached the lapel pin on the shirts of the blood donors in recognition of their service to mankind.

He further said, no doubt the foundation of Red Cross Society was done by Henry Dunant at Solferino town of Italy on June 24, 1859, to take care of thousands of injured soldiers with the help of local community.  When the fighting had subsided, over 40,000 soldiers lay dying on the battlefield, many suffering from horrendous injuries. Prior to this, in Punjab, on the land of Anandpur Sahib in 18th century, Bhai Ghaniya started offering water to the injured soldiers irrespective of any caste and creed and every year on September 20, is celebrated as ‘First Aid Day’ in his remembrance.

He said, May 8th the birth day of Henry Dunant, is also celebrated at National Level on Red Cross Day and it becomes our duty to work for the welfare of the humanity by keeping aside the personal interests.

On this occasion, Ashok Behal, Secretary Red Cross, Pardeep Aggarwal, SMO, Dr.Rameshwar Singh, Member Red Cross, Naresh Grover, Dr.Diswil Bajwa, Kewal Krishan Kataria, Sangeet, Amarjit and civil hospital staff were also present.

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