AAP too is Chowkidar but not like Modi : Aman Arora

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AAP too is Chowkidar but not like Modi : Aman Arora

Aman Arora starts campaign for AAP in Ferozepur

AAP too is Chowkidar but not like Modi : Aman Arora

Ferozepur April 21, 2019: Aam Admi Party is too Chowkidar but not  like Modi who is sleeping while Malya, Ambani are looting the nation, said Aman Arora, AAP MLA and Chairman AAP Election Campaign, during his visit to Ferozepur to have meeting with workers in favour of Harjinder Singh Kaka Sran, AAP candidate from Ferozepur. 

Speaking to media persons, Aman Arora said, the people of Punjab are fed up from the 'Zumla Bazi' of Modi and feel cheated in the hands of Capt government in Punjab, as none of the promises made by him have been honoured.  

He further said, AAP has strong track record of work in Delhi by giving corruption Free governance and have come to appeal to the people of Punjab, to vote for AAP if you want to see the work.

Regarding election campaigner from Delhi, he said, since there are elections in Delhi also, Kejriwal and other leaders will definitely come from May 13 onwards in Punjab.

On revolt in AAP by Sukhpal Singh Khaira, to form a new party - Punjab Ekta Party - he pointed out as to why they were mum while in the party.

With regard to having alliance after the results with UPA or NDA, he said, it 8s the decision to be taken by Political Affairs Committee of AAP but the regional parties will definitely play a vital role in forming the government. In Punjab, we too have sent as Chowki dar but every state has its own demographic equations. However, AAP cannot think to have alliance with those who have tried to divide the nation. Our first priority is nation, followed by party and lastly as individual. 

On announcement of Congress candidate from Ferozepur as Sher Singh Ghubaya, he said, it is very unfortunate that SAD has not announced its candidate so far but now it is for the people of Ferozepur to see as to whether they want to opt for opportunists like Ghubaya or the committed and dedicated candidate Rajinder Singh Kaka Sean by Aam Admi Party.

Present on this occasion were, Ranbeer Singh Bhullar, District President, Dr.Amritpal Singh Sodhi, Halqa Incharge, Ferozepur, Adv Rajneesh Dahiya, Halqa incharge Ferozepur Rural, Dr Nirvair singh sindhi senior leader AAP, Dr.Ranjit Singh, Kuldeep Singh Ferozeshah, Gurjit Singh Uggo Ke, Jagdeep Singh Brar, Samsher Singh Sidhu, Malkeet Thind, Mohinder Kocachoora, Dev Raj Sharma, Jagdev Singh, Harnek Singh, Sharnjit Singh Lehri, Adv Sushil Raheja.

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