GOGs to keep vigil on functioning of Drug De-addiction Centre, Dope Tests and OOAT Centre

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GOGs to keep vigil on functioning of Drug De-addiction Centre, Dope Tests and OOAT Centre

DC Ferozepur reiterates commitment to maintain transparency in Dop

Civil Hospital steps up vigil through GOGs -Guard of Governances

GOGs to keep vigil on functioning of Drug De-addiction Centre, Dope Tests and OOAT Centre

Ferozepur, April 12, 2019:  In a decision to bringing more transparency in the dope test mandatory of issuance of weapon license, the deputy commissioner Chander Gaind on Friday said that Guardians of Governance (GOGs) will oversee the process of dope test, functioning of drug-de addiction centre  in Civil Hospital and Outpatient Opioid Assisted Treatment (OOAT) Centre.


Gaind asked GOG’s district coordinator SS Chauhan to depute one team in the civil hospital which will keep a close eye on entire dope test process including payment of fees, sample collection and reports of tests and if the team finds any discrepancy, action will be taken accordingly. 


The deputy commissioner said he had received feedback from the public regarding irregularities in the process that the positive cases were also being cleared in the civil hospital for which he has taken the decision to depute GOGs for bringing more transparency.


GOG’s district coordinator Mr SS Chauhan said that he will depute one superintendent and one GOG in the civil hospital and their duties will be fixed on a rotation basis.


He asked Civil Surgeon Dr Rajinder Kumar to apprise the entire process of test to the GOGs. He also directed him to also depute lab technician on a rotation basis for the purpose of transparency.


The GOGs will also examine the functioning of OOAT centre and clinic in the civil hospital and they will give feedback to him.

Civil Surgeon Dr Rajinder Kumar said that the civil hospital receives 25 to 30 applications for Dope test and around 300 drug dependants are undergoing treatment in OOAT centre.

The deputy commissioner said that he is committed to providing best education and health facilities to the people and he will leave no stone unturned to achieve this target.

He also appealed the people to feel free to make any complaint to him regarding any grievance.

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