Kamboj community stakes its claim for Ferozepur Lok Sabha seat

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Kamboj community stakes its claim for Ferozepur Lok Sabha seat

Ferozepur, March 5, 2019: There are already many claimants for Lok Sabha seat from Ferozepur and today with the announcement of Sher Singh Ghubaya MP, belonging to Rai Sikh community, from Ferozepur to join the Kamboj community has presented  Gurbhej Singh Tibbi, National Secretary AIYC as its candidate.  Tibbi has already staked his claim for the Lok Sabha from the youth quota and submitted his papers to Capt Sandeep Singh Sandhu, Congress General Secretary, and OSD to CM Punjab at PPCC Office Chandigarh.

The announcement of Gurbhej Tibbi as Kamboj community candidate was announced by holding a special meeting at a huge gathering at Shaheed Udhak Singh Bhawan represented by almost all the parties – Congress, Akali, BJP and AAP with a pledge that in case the ticket for the coming Lok Sabha elections in Ferozepur, the assured the win of the Kamboj community if the ticket is given to the Kamboj community by keeping aside the traditional political party as it holds the vote bank of around 2.80 lac votes against the total community vote of around 3 lac.

Addressing the huge gathering, former Minister Hans Raj Jossan said the Kamboj community has joined hands at one platform and Ferozepur Lok Sabha seat will be of the community irrespective of the announcement of the candidate by political party.

Representing the youth community, Gurbhej Singh Tibbin, National Secretary, Youth Congress cleared that it is not the Ferozepur, the Kamboj community has come on one platform at the state and national level which will prove beneficial for the community candidates if fielded to contest the elections.

Speaking on the occasion Shivjit Singh Tirpalke youth Akali leader said in case the Congress doesn’t consider the Kamboj candidate, they will approach the SAD Supremo Sukhbir Singh Badal.

In the meeting, the Kamboj community also decided to give financial help to meet the election expenses.

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