BJP Yuva Morcha workers hit streets for Kamal Sandesh Bike Rally

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BJP Yuva Morcha workers hit streets for Kamal Sandesh Bike Rally

Ferozepur March 2, 2019:  Davinder Bajaj, District President, BJP along with others BJP Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha – BJPDYM -  leaders and workers hit the streets of the border city on Saturday by participating in Kamal Sandesh Bike Rally to make people aware about the achievements of the BJP.

BJPDYM, General Secretary Avinash Gupta and Lakhwinder SinghLakha said Kamal Sandesh Bike Rally with the participation of more than 700 bikes, has been organized in Ferozepur under the patronage of National President Yuva Morcha Poona Mahajan and Punjab Yuva Morcha Sunny Sharma.  The rally started from Shaheed Udham Singh Chowk, covering the Basti Tankan Wali route, culminated in the city. The campaign aimed at the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, is being held at all the Lok Sabha seats in the state to encourage the youths and to associate the power of youths in the development of the country.

Davinder Bajaj, District President, BJP informed that our target is to re-elect Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.  He claimed that for the first time in the country, Central Government has taken care of the poor and other communities as the Modi government has worked tirelessly to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people of the country.

Kamal Sharma, former BJP President Punjab and National Executive Committee member congratulated the party leaders and workers for the success of the rally.  Present among others were D P Chandan, Ashwani Grover, Gurpreet Singh Valtoha and others.

BJP leaders highlighted flagship schemes like crop loan waiver, Ujjwala, Saubhagya, Swachh Bharat Mission among others as the achievements of the governments. It was a sort of a show of strength to the opposition parties, even as an anti-BJP front is being created to take on the saffron outfit jointly.


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