Kissan Sangharsh Committee to hold ‘Rail Roko’ agitation on February 13

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Kissan Sangharsh Committee to hold ‘Rail Roko’ agitation on February 13

Ferozepur February 12, 2019:  The Bharti Kissan Sangharsh Committee plans to stage a protest on February 13 through a rail-roko demanding the waiving of full loan amounts of the farmers.

Addressing the protesters sitting on dharna for the second day, Satnam Singh Pannu, State President and Savinder Singh Chutala, General Secretary said, it is going to be five years tenure of government led by Narendera Modi but it has not been able to honour its commitment to waive off the full loan amounts of the farmers.  Not only this, but it has also backed out from the implementation of Dr.Swaminathan Commission report which could only bring prosperity in the farmers’ community.

They alleged that the government is not serious about the problems of farmers.  Every other day the farmers are committing suicides and farmers are being arrested after getting warrant orders from the courts for not repaying the loan amounts.  

Farmers leaders also demanded registration of a case against Zira MLA and his father for showing disrespect to the dead body of youth farmer Jatinder Singh of Kachharbhan, the only son of his farmer who committed suicide, by trying to dispose of the dead body kept outside the police station.

Levelling charges on Zira MLA for doing an illegal business of sand, drugs, forcibly taking possession of land and corruption and selling of eucalyptus trees over 35 acres of panchayat land at village Dine Ke, by his men, they demanded an inquiry by the sitting judge of High Court and taking action against the culprits.

They demanded the loan of the farmers should be waived off on priority in one go besides considering over the other demands sympathetically including minimum pension to a farmer of Rs.5000 per month for those who are over 60 years and unable to work in the fields. The leaders also proposed to stop the pensions of MLAs and Ministers which a burden on the government exchequer.

Added here, the police have made elaborate arrangements in view of the call of rail roko programme by the farmers.




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