MP Ghubaya inaugurated Post Office Passport Sewa Kendra in Ferzepur

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MP Ghubaya inaugurated Post Office Passport Sewa Kendra in Ferzepur

Ferozepur, January 11, 2019: Sher Singh Ghubaya, Member Parliament from Ferozepur today inaugurated Post Office Passport Sewa Kendra – POPSK in Post Office campus today.  Monish Kapoor, Regional Passport Officer, Amritsar and Parkash Singh, Sr.Supdt Post Offices, Ferozepur were also present on this occasion.

Congratulating the efforts and support of Munish Kapoor, RPO for the opening of POPSK in Ferozepur which is a New Year gift to people of the area, Sher Singh Ghybaya said, the Passport has become a necessity and part of life especially for the youths who are getting training of IELTs to go abroad for study purposes. I feel immense pleasure with the inauguration of POPSK in Ferozepur which was a long pending demand of the people of the border area.  He said this office will meet the requirement of four districts – Ferozepur, Fazilika, Muktsar and Faridkot who had to rush to Amritsar for passport services.

Ghubaya offered to extend any further required of the Passport Office depending upon the response of the people applying for the passports and if need be, the matter will be taken up with the higher authorities.

Speaking on the occasion, Munish Kumar, RPO said, one POPSK has been approved to be opened in each MP Constituency and today Ferozepur is the 271st POPSK against the total proposal of 400 in the country and first in Malwa region with further expansion to 800.

He said, the conditions for the issuance of passport have been liberalized and only four documents would be required for the purpose – ID proof, Aadhar card, Date of Birth and educational qualification certificate.  Even with a presentation of Aadhar Card, the passport can be issued.

Initially, the normal applications would be entertained at POPSK with 50 appointments on daily basis and for getting a passport under Tatkal service, the applications have to be submitted at Amritsar office, he added.

On witnessing the good response to Ferozepur POPSK, Munish was happy to share that now two weeks’ appointment is available for Ferozepur office whereas for Amritsar three days’ appointment can be booked online.

Munish said, the Ministry of External Affairs is so liberal now so far as issuing of passport is concerned, anybody can now apply for issuance of passport at any office in India with the required documents.

Talking about the misguiding by the travel agents, who had made applying for the passport a panic, RPO said, in this high tech era, the app can be downloaded on the mobiles by completing the formalities.

He said an awareness camp can also be organized in the educational institutions to put wiser the students aspirant for applying the passport to save them from the clutches of travel agents.

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