Banned kite-flying Chinese synthetic thread seized

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Banned kite-flying Chinese synthetic thread seized

Ferozepur, January 10, 2019:  With Basant festival approaching the sale of the banned synthetic string for flying kites is still going on secretly which was revealed as the police seized the lethal thread from the rented house doing its business.

The Police Party of City Police Station during its routine patrolling conducted a raid on getting a tip-off and recovered 48 pieces of Gattu – plastic thread – Made in China which is a banned item.

Working on the secret information that Nitin Kumar of Arya Samaj Chowk, Ferozepur City has stored a huge quantity of banned Chinese thread and doing its business of sale of banned Chinese thread, from the rented house in Hira Mandi.  On conducting a  raid 48 Gattu of plastic thread were recovered.

Every year the district administration ban the sale or purchase of synthetic strings as it inflicts severe injuries, sometimes life-threatening wounds, on commuters, especially riders of two-wheelers and birds.  There are also cases when this thread has claimed human lives.

An awareness campaign is also carried out every year by the school children against the use of synthetic strings by holding placards and banners in their hands at the intersections urging people not to use the deadly string.  But it has little impact on the sale and purchase of Chinese thread.

Diwan Chand Sukhija, President Streamline Welfare Society when contacted said that keeping in view the fatal consequences of Chinese thread, the government should take strict action against its import to India to avoid any untoward incident while kite flying.

A case under Section 188 IPC - Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public -servant -  has been booked and later released on bail. Further investigation has been marked to Major Singh SI. 


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