BSF, CI in joint operation seizes 5 kg heroin valuing Rs.25 crore

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BSF, CI in joint operation seizes 5 kg heroin valuing Rs.25 crore

Ferozepur, January7, 2019:1. On 06/07 Jan 2019, in a.Joint Ops, troops of Border Security Force & Counter lntelligence, Ferozepur, Punjab successful intelligence packets (approx. weight 05 Kgs) of contraband suspected to be heroin in the area of responsibility of Border Out Post Barreke, Ex- 136 Bn BSF, Sector Ferozepur. 2. Keeping in view the vulnerability of Border and heightened activities of smugglers/ Anti-National Elements on border, Sh Mahipal Yadav, lPS, lnspector General BSF Punjab Frontier has issued operational guidelines to all the Sectors under Punjab Frontier for further strengthening the border domination so as to effectively check the activities of Anti - National Elements on Punjab border with Pakistan. Accordingly, Deputy lnspector General, Sector BSF Ferozepur directed Field Commanders to maintain extra vigil on border to thwart the attempts of Anti National Elements. Tactical Operations are being mounted to foil the attempts of the smugglers/ Anti-National Elements. 3. On intervening night of O6/07Jan 2019, based on an input, a Special Joint Ambush was laid by the troops of BSF & Counter tntettigence, Ferozepur in the area of responsibility of Border Out Post Barreke, Ex- 136 Bn BSF, Sector Ferozepur. At about 070445 hrs, ambush party observed suspicious movement of Pak smugglers ahead of BS fence and became alert. When Pak smugglers reached near BS fence and tried to carry out smuggling activity, BSF troops challenged them and opened fire to stop their further misadventure. However, Pak smugglers managed to escape towards Pak side taking advantage of dense fog and undulating ground. lmmediately, the area was cordoned off and extensive search and combing operation was launched in above area. During search at about 070715 hrs, 05 packets of contraband suspected to be heroin (Total weight approx. 05 Kg) recovered and seized from the spot. 4. The enhanced Vigil of Border Security Force and Punjab Police once again thwarted the attempt of AntiNational Elements to push the consignment of contraband rtems into lndia. During the year 2019, BSF has effected under mentioned seizures on'Punjah Border:- : Heroin 07.964 Kgs (including today's seizure of 05 packets, weiqht approx. 05 kqs) Opium 20q lndian border crosser apprehended 01 PAK SIM Cards 01 5. During the year 2018, BSF has effected under mentioned seizures on Punjab Border:- Heroin 230.979 Ooium 635 qms lndian border crosser aoprehended 70 Nos lndian smuqqlers apprehended 05 Nos PAK SIM Cards 33 Nos Pak smugglers in 02 Nos Pak smuggler apprehended 05 Nos Weapons (Different Types) 19 Nos Ammun蘭on(Va堕墜 興 502 Rds Pak Mobile Hand Grenade - - 10 Nos 06 Nos

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