There is no input for consumption of media so far, says IG

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There is no input for consumption of media so far, says IG

Ferozepur December 5, 2018:  There is no official version so far about the search operation, said to be in a routine,  going on in village Basti Gulab Singh near Mamdot, by the Punjab Police since Tuesday late night.  

The police authorities are so far tight-lipped about the motive behind this operation. However, the people of the area making their own speculations in the event of not disclosing anything by the police about the late night search operation. However, from the operation with heavy force in the particular village, it looks that there could be either hiding of a terrorist or recovery of heavy drug consignment.

According to IG Ferozepur M.S.Chhina, “We are making operations on certain inputs and giving any statement to the media sometimes creates a panic. There is nothing input for the consumption for the media and the search operation is a routine matter. Police are alert in view of the elections going on the neighbouring state and the district border is sealed and such operations are continued process in view of the security of the country”.

In reply to the question as to why this search operation is in particular village, he said that I am Ferozepur Range IG and cannot say about other districts and repeated that there is no input for the using up by the media. During operation duty, we get certain inputs and we can go anywhere and check. But don’t question as to why this is being done.

It is, however, added that few days back there was a news that 6-7 terrorists are on their way to Delhi, particularly via Ferozepur, when too the security was tightened and BSF sealed all the boundaries but no suspicious persons were found. 

Only the official version could crack when the search operation is over.

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