Railways income up by 46.18 per cent from ticketless passengers

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Railways income up by 46.18 per cent from ticketless passengers

Ferozepur December 4, 2018:  During the intensive ticket checking campaign in Ferozepur Rail Divison, the railway has earned Rs.2.37 crore during the month of November 2018 against Rs.1.62 crore in the previous year, an increase of 46.18 per cent.

Vivek Kumar, DRM Ferozepur Division informed that up to the month of November 2018 the income from ticket checking is Rs.14.86 crore as compared to Rs.11.46 crore during 2017, an increase of 29.61 per cent.

He informed that for the purpose we have 475 tickets checking state and the entire staff of Jammu Tavi Pathankot, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Ferozepur head offices have done a commendable job during November 2018 – a matter of proud for the Division.

Hari Mohan, ADRM informed the ticket checking staff will be honoured.  He, however, asked the staff to deal with the passengers politely and in the event of any problem, the same should be solved immediately.

He also appealed to the passengers to travel with valid tickets.  He said, at all the main stations, ATVM machines have been installed and on purchasing a ticket there is a 5 per cent discount.  He said the passengers can now book unreserved ticket simply through UTS on Mobile App and can avail this facility at any station and for the purpose, UTS application can be downloaded free on Window, Android Based or IOS mobiles. The tickets purchase through UTS on Mobile App will save money and time also.


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