Mobile phone jammers to be installed in Central Jail

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Mobile phone jammers to be installed in Central Jail

Ferozepur December 1, 2018: Mobile phone jammers in Central Jail Ferozepur will soon help check the use of cell phones by inmates, an offence that has been on the rise in the past not only in Ferozepur but in the whole of the State. This was stated by ADGP Jails Rohit Choudhary after the surprising checking of the jail barracks.


In the past the police have booked the inmates with the recovery of mobile phones and SIMs in the prison and even during the checking at the meeting –mulaqat’ – certain drugs or other material was found.  Around hundred cellphones have been recovered in the past six months.  The recovery of mobile speaks about the poor governance arrangements of security arrangements in the jail.  There had been a proposal for installation of jammers in jail in the past also but the project still gets a nod from the authorities.


Talking about the installation of jammer in Ferozepur, which is the only solution after the Nabha, Sangrur Jails,  and to convert the jails with hi-technology, ADGP directed the jail officials, in the meantime,  to control the smuggling of phones inside the jail. 


The jammers which will be installed in the jail will jam cellular network inside the jail complex and the inmates will not be ale to make calls, send message or use the internet in the event of smuggling in the cell phone.


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