Judicial officers and staff observed ‘No Vehicle Day’

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Judicial officers and staff observed ‘No Vehicle Day’

Ferozepur, September 14, 2018: In a bid to curb pollution and save fuel, on the eve of Gurgaddi Divas of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, all the judicial officers and staff of Sessions Division Ferozepur observed ‘No Vehicle Day’ today with a view to sending the message among the public to use eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Added here, Gurgadi is a Punjabi phrase which literally means ‘Gurus throne’ and is used to refer to the installation of Guruship by each successive Sikh Gurus.  On this day, procession march or Nagar Kirtan takes place singing of Bani – Kirtan takes place and the free communal food is also served and Gatka and other sports events are held.

District and Sessions Judge himself vowed to promote walking, riding bicycle and commute via public transport instead of own vehicles among the staff and residents.

All the judicial officers and staff came to the court and return therefrom either on foot or on the bicycle or by using public transport with a view to saving considerable fuel of our country and would also help in preventing environmental pollution.

Speaking on the occasion, S.K.Aggarwal, District and Sessions Judge, Ferozepur said, It is matter of pleasure that from the land of martyrs, we have taken a pledge to go to the office, off and on, irrespective of any specific day, on bicycle or on foot, as a means of transportation for going to the office or on foot, we can save a lot of fuel for the future besides giving a pollution-free environment.

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