Jailbird found making call over mobile phone for drug supplies

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Jailbird found making call over mobile phone for drug supplies

Ferozepur September 13, 2018:  The Central Jail has once again come under scanner and shows the risks posed by the widespread problem with the recovery mobile phones from inside the jail and in the instant case, with the registration of a case on the complaint of Superintendent under Prisons Act – 52A against two prisoners – Gopal son of Chaman Lal and Bunti son of Jodha and Tidda unidentified.

This is not the first time, earlier also on the number of times mobiles, drugs have been recovered from inside the jail.  There had also been instances of throwing the drugs, mobiles from outside by putting in the balls and putting the videos on the social media.  There have also been instances where they have tried to contact witnesses or victims with threats, calls about changing their testimony.

Now with the calling from inside the jail and availability of mobile with the prisoner, has raised a number of questions over the security of the jail, as to how the mobile in working order has been smuggled into the jail premises, which needs to be tightened further.

With the jail premises coming within the vicinity of the thickly populated area, was once decided to shift outside the city on Ferozepur-Fazilka road but due to the paucity of funds, the proposal was dropped and the existing premises were allowed to be renovated.

In the complaint it has been alleged that Gopal Chand prisoner used the mobile of Bunti – both already in the jail facing punishment, calling Tidda outside the jail over number 81461-74369 and to arrange to throw 25 ‘bidis’ in the bottle filled with sand, from the wall.

As per the crime report released by the police headquarters, Samsung mobile of prisoner Bunti has been recovered from Gopal Chand a co-prisoner while the unidentified Tidda outside the jail to whom the call was made is yet to be arrested.

The investigation has been marked to Joginder Singh, IO and the probe is still going on. However, during the further examination, it will be seen as to how long these prisoners – Gopal Chand and Bunti are in contact with Bunti outside the jail and using him for getting the material inside the jail or orchestrate crimes from behind bars and if it is so, it will be the new crackdown.

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