BSF, PP seize heroin from Indo-Pak border

Posted by HARISH MONGA about 08-Aug-2018 [ 186]

BSF, PP seize heroin from Indo-Pak border

Ferozepur, August 8, 2018: In a joint operation, BSF and Punjab Police seized one placket of heroin from Indo-Pak border in the area of Basti Ram Lal.

A tip-off was received by the police that a heroin pack has been sent by the Pakistani smugglers near Basti Ram Lal Post which can be collected by their counterparts in India at any time.

DIG informed that a joint search operation was carried out today around 12 noon in the border area post under Basti Ram Lal and one packet weighing 540 gm suspected to be heroin was found valuing Rs.2.5 crore in the international market.

The agencies are looking into deal between the smugglers of both the countries to locate the Indian side contacts, said DIG.

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